A good cup of coffee underlines the start to most days for most people, whether it comes in a cafetiere, aluminium pod, is ground at home and brewed in a Chemex, or handed to you in a takeaway cup at a local coffee shop. But just how good is that coffee? We are not necessarily talking about the quality of the roast, but the bean to barista journey, which started long before you hit the “on” button of your machine. While the label Fair Trade is nothing new, it doesn’t always consider other ethical concerns, including the carbon footprint of the beans, nor guarantee they are organic. This is where People’s Coffee comes in. A company launched by Sheikh Dr Majid Al Qassimi, who has a doctorate in veterinary medicine, and Emirati entrepreneur Ali Mansoor Al Ali, it brings Yemeni coffee to the UAE. As the name implies, the company’s focus is on the people producing the coffee – the Yemeni farmers, some of whom have had coffee farms in their families for generations.“People’s Coffee focuses on individuality and avoids dime-a-dozen labour, shifting from [business] relationships towards a human-to-human approach,” Al Qassimi tells The National. “The People’s Coffee operations team works closely with farmers… we distribute value across all parts of the supply chain, aiming for sustainable relationships between people and coffee.” Launching a company at the best of times is challenging enough, but Al Qassimi and Al Ali came together this year to start for People’s Coffee, confident that the UAE has a sizeable market for ethical and regionally sourced products. Al Qassimi argues that if anything, launching in 2020 has benefited the company, as many consumers have had significant shifts in ethical perspective. “Our solution helps people turn their everyday purchases into a profound force for good; hence, every dirham is a vote for the world we want to live in.”

For more information on introducing their solutions into your office space, you can email [email protected]. It’s important that we make sustainable choices, not only with your money, but also to spread the message for change far and wide.