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You have spent your entire life building wealth and planning for the future. These assets can be protected with insurance that supports and complements your wealth management goals.

GSB Capital provides specialised insurance guidance and wide-ranging coverage options that will help you protect what is important, now and in the future. To integrate coverage into your financial plan, our partners work closely with our advisors.

Insurance is an important factor to true financial freedom. Although it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right mix of insurance coverage. You risk missing out on crucial savings opportunities and gaps in your overall wealth picture if you don’t have a trusted partner to help you understand how insurance fits into your overall portfolio.

Our transparent and hassle-free insurance solution was created to give clients more peace of mind, simplify lives, and provide greater security. Our strategic partners are there to help you review your needs and find the best policy options from a wide range of national insurers. They are also there to ensure that your cover is always kept up to date.

Our teams work together to:

Take the time to assess your needs

Your advisor will begin with a review and initial assessment of your current insurance coverage. These findings are combined with your financial plan to help identify any potential coverage gaps, opportunities or changes.

Create your ideal portfolio of insurance

Our strategic partners receive the initial assessment and then use sophisticated technology to analyse policy offerings from many carriers. This analysis will help you determine which provider offers the best coverage and the best solution from a high quality company that meets all your requirements. Your advisor reviews the analysis and recommendations and shares them with you in a 1-on-1 meeting.

Keeping your coverage up to date

Your advisor will schedule regular insurance review meetings as part of GSB’s commitment to reviewing our clients’ investments and other financial plan details on a regular basis. We will review any changes in your assets, financial situation, and long-term goals to determine if coverage updates are necessary. This gives you peace of mind and security, as well as the assurance that your wealth goals are being met by the right coverage.

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