Banking Products and Services

GSB Capital’s goal is to help clients maintain capital, keep liquidity, and seek competitive yields while managing risk.

After the financial crisis, legislators and regulators made changes to reduce systemic risks in short-term liquidity markets. Traditional cash investments might not be recognisable, or offer comparable returns.

GSB Capital’s goal is to help clients maintain capital, keep liquidity, and seek competitive yields while managing risk. We offer tailored money market and short-term solutions that will give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your liquidity strategies.

Lombard Lending

You can retain your portfolio investment and increase your financial flexibility.

Whether you are looking to improve your cash flow, increase your investment returns or invest in a derivative financial instrument that requires a security line, GSB Capital has a variety of customised Lombard lending solutions to suit your trading and financing needs.

Lombard Lending Services

Our experts are available to help you create a Lombard lending program that allows you to:

Answer to liquidity requirements: Large acquisitions can be made without the need to sell assets. A Lombard loan is used in the form of either a current account loan or a fixed-term loan. The acquisition will be funded against your portfolio.

Trade in derivative financial instruments: You can use your portfolio as collateral to trade in exchange-traded derivatives (ETD), OTC derivatives (OTC) and foreign exchange products (FX). It can be used to meet margin requirements and account for market fluctuations.

Reinvest: You can borrow money against the promise of your investments, which acts as collateral. These loans can be used as collateral to reinvest the proceeds in a diversified portfolio. This portfolio can be used to diversify risk and increase investment yields, without having to compromise your overall investment strategy.

Bespoke Insurances

Bespoke Insurances are designed for people who have more assets than what a standard insurance policy can cover. These policies can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

You may have difficulty insuring your vehicle or property if you are a high-net worth individual. This is where an insurance company can help you provide more comprehensive coverage.

GSB Capital has direct access to market leading insurers, so you can rest assured that your assets will be insured to the highest standards, ensuring your security and peace of mind.

We will help you choose the best options, regardless of whether it’s your main home with its contents or your luxury car, jewellery, or art collection.

Offshore Banking

GSB Capitals Offshore Banking Services offer a variety of benefits that are not available in your domestic banking system. Diversifying your assets across multiple channels, countries, accounts, and currencies can help protect your money and reduce the chance of you being unprepared in the event of a bank failure, currency depreciation, or economic collapse.

Offshore Banking Benefits:

Internationalising your assets is the first step to securing your financial future. You can get more asset protection, privacy and financial security. Also, offshore banking allows you to avoid being dependent on any one state or financial authority.

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