Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the DNA of GSB Capital. Historically, we have made small local donations of money, time and resource to local charities, but following the launch of The Sparkle Foundation at International Humanitarian City in early 2022, we’ve focussed our efforts on supporting this incredible cause.

The sparkle foundation malawi

Sparkle is based in Zomba, Malawi and serves over 17 communities in the area.

At its heart, The Sparkle Foundation creates a future in which every community has an equal opportunity to live a life of health and self-sufficiency in Malawi. They have spent years understanding the needs of the community and have developed an innovative approach to drive positive change within the charity sector through the delivery of a sustainable and replicable best practice community model.

It’s this focus on community coupled with the visible direct impact of the support that really sang to our stakeholders.

We support The Sparkle Foundation efforts through donating our own community’s resources – assisting with their administration, leveraging our network to get discounted and pro-bono rates on professional services and insurances in addition to making donations of toys and equipment.

This is just the beginning for the relationship with The Sparkle Foundation as we look forward to many years to come of supporting this amazing charity, both through our donations from Dubai and more directly, on the ground in Malawi.