Investment Solutions

GSB Capital has experience working with both businesses and charities. We offer advice on group life and sickness insurance, pensions, and investor protection

Corporate Financial Planning

Management of corporate cash balances and corporate pensions can distract from the main priorities when you’re running a business, charity, or business.

The right adviser can remove these distractions from the management team and turn potential headaches into solutions that add value to the organisation.

GSB Capital has experience working with both businesses and charities. We offer advice on topics such as group life and sickness insurance, pensions, and investor protection. Our work often includes succession planning and inheritance tax in the case of family businesses.

The same principles apply to corporate advice as to personal clients. This relationship is built on open and transparent communication as well as regular access to highly-qualified advisors.

We often work with clients in collaboration with accountants and solicitors. Clients get comprehensive and coherent professional advice when they work with us.

Investment Solutions

Majority of charities want to keep a healthy capital balance to make sure they have a smooth cash flow and security against unanticipated problems or bad loans.

Companies are finding it difficult to get meaningful returns on cash deposits due to the current situation of historically low interest rates.

GSB Capital is able to assist businesses in achieving better returns on their corporate funds and working capital.

We establish a clear understanding of the risks that a business is willing and able to accept, as well as the timeframe for any investment. This allows us to create the right strategy. We can use a combination of fixed term deposits and structured investment products, as well as funds or bonds.

Wider corporate strategy

We work hand-in-hand to your accountants and can help a company’s management create a plan for key corporate decisions. These could include how to buy commercial property, how to structure sales and acquisitions of business in the most tax-efficient manner, and whether or not to own it.

Corporate pensions

How can you aid your employees plan for retirement as a business owner? There are many options that can provide you and your employees with tax-efficient retirement benefits.

It is well-known that many people don’t save enough for retirement. As a result, they may not be able to live comfortably on a state pension.

Insurance and protection

What would you do if your core team were suddenly killed or sick? Is it possible to replace them? If so, at what cost to the business.

Your business’s future depends on how prepared you are for the unexpected, no matter how successful it is.

It can be difficult to find the time to plan for your financial future. This could include corporate tax planning, managing your business property, workplace pension advice, or employee incentives like end-of-service benefit provision.