Corporate Finance

GSB Capital focuses on the capital structure of a company, its financing and the management actions to increase its value. Learn More Here

GSB Capital focuses on the capital structure of a company, its financing and the management actions to increase its value.

This includes analysis and tools used to prioritise and allocate financial resources.

Our goal is to maximise a company’s value through the planning and implementation of resources while balancing profitability and risk.

Debt Capital Markets

As a GSB Capital client you can access the unique funding opportunities available through global debt capital markets to help you finance your needs.

Solutions for your goals

We offer fixed income issuances ranging from loans, bonds and asset-backed securities to commercial papers and hybrid capital.

Our global team of specialists in debt products work closely with coverage banks around the globe to market, structure, and originate fixed income securities for our investors

GSB Capital has a track record of successfully guiding investors and issuers through even the most difficult market conditions.

How can the debt capital markets help your business?

By allowing your business to access international and domestic institutional investors, debt capital markets can offer larger-scale financing than bank loans.

GSB Capital is a leader in fixed-income markets and specialising in fixed income securities.

We adopt a holistic approach to issuing debt and work closely with you to create and implement customised solutions to your particular issues and challenges.

Equity Capital Markets

GSB Capital’s Equity Capital Markets Advisory Team can assist clients in any type of equity raising in global capital markets. This includes initial public offering (IPO), raising equity for existing issuers, or selling a share in a publicly traded company.

We combine market intelligence and corporate finance knowledge to create and manage customised capital raising solutions that meet your needs.

Get advice from our sector experts on corporate finance and investment funds by partnering with us.

Our global team provides clients with the most comprehensive portfolio of expertise in the market. This includes experts in equity capital markets, accounting, regulatory, tax and compliance as well as other technical specialists.

GSB Capital focuses on the most important questions that will help you to preserve maximum value at all stages of your capital lifecycle.

Acquisitions and mergers

It is difficult to keep up with market changes in a world of unprecedented disruption. You must constantly improve, refine, and reinvigorate your portfolio to be competitive and take advantage of new opportunities.

M&A decisions should be in line with your business goals and also be promising. Although it sounds easy, it is difficult to master. GSB Capital has extensive experience in planning and executing. This allows companies to quickly and economically increase their strategic capabilities and reach.

We have been involved in complex and complicated mergers, acquisitions providing us with the experience to help you increase value through M&A fast and confidently.

Lombard Lending

Lombard Loans are one of many financing options available to wealthy borrowers that can be tailored to their financial situation and financial goals.

Lombard Loans can be offered by banks or financial institutions just like standard mortgages. They come with attractive interest rates and are secured against investments instead of a home.