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You have many options for retirement goals if you are a family with high net worth. Although a foundation is one of the best ways to effectively distribute your wealth over many years, especially if one of those goals involves charitable giving.

A foundation is a way to put the wealth that you have earned to be used in ways that reflect your beliefs and values.

If you are a high net worth household, it may be more advantageous to start your own foundation rather than partnering with existing nonprofits. A foundation is better than partnering with existing nonprofits because it has greater flexibility and can support more cases. You don’t even have to raise funds.

Fundraising is a challenge for foundations that raise money. If you are a philanthropist with a high net worth, you don’t have to deal with all the challenges. You can also fund the foundation yourself.

Even if your foundation is established after your death, your estate will still have control over governance, assets and spending. You can choose which causes and how much you want to support. A foundation allows you to use your wealth and support causes that align with what you believe in. They are flexible.

Even if you have a high net worth family, unexpected events can cause your retirement plans to be canceled. Surprise medical expenses can change tax realities. You must take action now to secure your retirement dreams.

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Offshore Companies and Group Company Structuring

GSB Capital creates and manages offshore companies in order to provide efficient and secure corporate structures. These services are available to expatriates, entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses abroad, start-ups, and private individuals. We have also worked with financial institutions, international venture capital, wealth managers, and other cross-border entities.

We handle all administrative aspects of setting up an offshore business and make sure that all documentation and procedures are followed. This ensures compliance from the time of incorporation. Our knowledge of the legal requirements and procedures for setting up companies in different jurisdictions allows us to speed up and make incorporation easy.

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