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The right experience, knowledge, and platform are essential for trading securities in today’s uncertain and complex financial markets. Schedule Free Consultation

In today’s uncertain and complex financial markets, trading securities requires the right knowledge, experience, connections, and platform. It is difficult to invest in the most recent technology and keep up with regulatory changes

Securities execution and stockbroking services for institutions

GSB Capital is based in both Dubai and the UK. We are dedicated to building long-lasting customer relationships by being transparent and paying attention to details. This approach combines a wealth of experience and dedication to securities trading with easy access to global capital markets.

We have established relationships with brokers around the globe, including large investment banks as well as niche regional players. We have access to a vast network of traders and participants that allows us to trade orders of any size without having to impact the market. Client anonymity is maintained even for less liquid securities.

A skilled team of equity stockbrokers and traders

The GSB trading desk allows for efficient execution of buy/sell orders for a wide range of securities and funds. Our ability to match natural retail flows and institutional flows with diverse clients is one of our strengths. We serve clients such as external banks, pension funds and hedge funds, as well as wealth managers. (Not sure if this is true but sounds good – JM)

Our highly qualified management team takes the time to understand every trade’s investment motivations and develops appropriate strategies based on order size, price volatility and spreads, and timing.

Stockbrokers can also use a currency view to determine if foreign exchange rates will impact trades or if they can gain an advantage on securities that trade in multiple currencies.

Our sales team strives to keep clients updated about its business operations and offers unrivalled execution services to all clients, no matter how large or frequent their orders.

Communication is the heart of any trade. We make sure that you are in complete control of execution by making sure we understand your intentions accurately

Precious Metals

Investors can choose to take positions on a variety of metals. These metals are often classified as either ‘precious’ or ‘base’. Precious metals include gold, silver and palladium. Base metals like copper, lead and nickel.

Precious metals which are organically found rare metallic elements have an intrinsic value. They are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and don’t naturally tarnish. They are used in jewellery but also have many other applications.

Is it a good idea to invest in precious metals?

Many investors consider precious metals a good investment. Particularly gold, which is well-known for its safety-haven status. Gold is a popular investment because it can be used in jewellery, automotive parts, and other industries. Investors often shift their money to gold during market volatility. Precious metals are often in high demand.

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