GSB Real Estate

GSB Real Estate offers a wide range of property services to its investors, occupiers, developers, and private sector clients. How can we help you?

Our real estate team has a strong reputation for complex real-estate finance transactions in a variety of real estate asset classes. We offer a flexible and cohesive service that covers a wide variety of disciplines essential to modern real-estate finance transactions.

GSB Real Estate offers a wide range of property services to its investors, occupiers, developers, and private sector clients. This includes identifying the opportunity for development or purchase, putting the finance in place, all the way through to closing the deal.

We provide advice to a diverse client base, including lenders and borrowers, as well as developers and investors. Corporate funds and as high-net-worth individuals from the UAE, UK and worldwide.

Changing the game for our clients

GSB Capital offers its clients a complete service by combining six complementary business lines from a variety of property sectors – Property Development and Transaction, Consulting, Valuation. Property Management and Investment Management.

We can provide customised client advice to investors and occupiers as well as property developers, private and public sectors by understanding your unique needs and challenges.

Our team is committed to developing and recruiting the best talent in the industry. We provide consistent, high-quality support – the right technical experts, financial specialists, and strategic thinkers – by ensuring that we have the right people.

We offer our clients real estate market expertise and knowledge through our global network. Our research-driven company provides insight to help you identify and capitalise on opportunities before anyone else.


Together, our team and partners have decades of combined experience in all aspects of real estate. This allows us to share the benefits of financial knowledge with strategic support to meet both the needs of UK expatriates and those who are pursuing international real estate goals.

Our Commitments

The commitment of sustainability

It is both a responsibility and an opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of today’s financial environment. We make proactive decisions to ensure a sustainable tomorrow.

The commitment of diversity, inclusion and equality

A flourishing culture means an inclusive culture. Our commitment ensures that our employees feel safe, valued and heard.

The commitment to our business

By combining the diverse knowledge of our team, clients and partners, we can enable every individual client and company we work with to thrive.    

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